Choose the Perfect Silver Bracelet For Your Loved One!

Choose the Perfect Silver Bracelet For Your Loved One!

One of the most common fashion accessories today is silver bracelets. And why shouldn’t it be one? Pure silver bracelet price is more affordable than more precious metals which look very close to it, and its properties make it very versatile in terms of design possibilities.

Silver has been considered a precious metal since its first use in ancient times, and silver bracelets have always been popular for adornment, for both men and women. Sterling silver, or standard silver, is an alloy of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper.  This combination is harder than pure silver which allows for more durability with regard to jewellery.  Much sterling silver jewellery is plated with a thin coat of fine silver to give it a shiny finish.

When doing online jewellery shopping India, you will find silver bracelets that include varying styles such as bangle, cuff, link, chain, and charm bracelets.  Each has its own appeal and also its own types of customers.  If you are considering giving a silver bracelet as a gift, review the designs first as per their choice.

Bangle bracelets: These available in designs varying from smooth finishes to texture, patterns, and painted styles.   The popularity of bangle and cuff bracelets encourage wearing multiple bracelets at the same time.

Cuff bracelets: These trendy bracelets are wider than bangles and have an opening on one side to slide onto the arm.  Silver cuff bracelets can be a tasteful gift for an older woman, but they are also more expensive than other types.  Another popular, but less expensive, type of cuff bracelet is granulated, creating a playful shimmer of light.

Link bracelets: These are closely woven pieces that have an intricate design but are smoothly crafted to lay flat along the arm.  A wonderful example of a detailed link bracelet is the Byzantine style link bracelets, which has a mysterious aura due to the historically accurate linking knots.  For men, a tightly knit link bracelet that resembles chain mail is popular with many men, thanks to the resurgence of Roman culture in our movies and fictional diversions.

Silver chain bracelets: Perhaps the most classic style that works with most outfits and is available in the widest variety.  The chain-style silver bracelet design can become charmed bracelets by adding adornments to the chain links or may be worn as a plain silver accent.  These are great for engagement gifts as well as coming-of-age.

Charm bracelets: Popular in most metals, but the affordability of silver has made these bracelets a fashion trend as well as a collector’s item for travelers.  Many tourist stops now have charms available with symbols of the area, such as the Eiffel Tower from Paris or a double-decker bus from London.  These were very popular in the mid-20th century and have recently become popular again, especially with young teens.

Simply wearing silver on a daily basis can keep it from tarnishing intensely.  Proper storage of silver bracelets is also a key to keeping tarnish away.  A storage drawer or cabinet made for jewellery storage is a good choice since they provide the cool, dry, air-tight spaces that work best.  Even zippered plastic bags can be a good solution, especially if anti-tarnishing strips are added.

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