5 Safety Precautions To Take Before Pressure Washing

5 Safety Precautions To Take Before Pressure Washing

Pressure washers offer many benefits, including the improvement of the beauty and value of properties, promotion of health by creating a clean environment, and prevention of slip & fall injuries, to mention a few. Still, pressure washing is considered a dangerous cleaning method when done without caution.

It is well known that when safety measures are not carefully observed, pressure washing can be harmful to the user's health and cause damages to the house you are trying to clean. That's why in this article, we will be enumerating five safety precautions to take to have an incredible cleaning experience with the use of a pressure washer.

Safety Precautions

  • Check The Weather Condition: Before starting your cleaning operation with your pressure washer, you must check the weather first. It is highly recommended to pressure-wash your house only during the warm seasons (summer, spring, or fall ) and never in the cold season. The reason behind this is that the water leftover while pressure washing a particular area in your house can freeze during the cold season, expanding and ultimately damaging that specific area you've cleaned.
  • Clear The Area: This particular measure is for the safety of both the user and appliances in your house. You should make sure the whole area where you intend to pressure-wash is clear of electrical outlets that could get damaged when wet or anything material you could trip over while cleaning.
  • Wear A Full-On Protection Gear: The spray, especially from a high-pressure washer, can be very dangerous to an individual's health. They tend to be so severe that they sometimes increase the probability of infections or amputations. This is why all pressure washer users should always put on their protective gear to protect themselves while cleaning. You must wear protective gear like the safety google during cleaning to prevent the dirt and debris being knocked off surfaces from falling into your eyes. Also, gloves, boots, pants, etc., are also crucial for mechanical protection.
  • Check The Length Of Your Power Washer Cord: This is mainly for situations where the area you intend to pressure-wash is far and challenging for the pressure washer's cord to reach to connect with the nearest socket outlet. You could easily bridge the gap with the aid of connecting heavy-duty extension cords whose parts are built to work flawlessly even in wet conditions to the pressure washer.
  • Make Use of Your Gas-Powered Pressure Machine For Outdoors Only: Gas-powered pressure washer should never be used inside the house to ensure the free emission of the poisonous carbon monoxide it produces. Therefore your gas-powered pressure washer should only be used outdoors in well exposed and open surroundings to promote your health. If you need to clean the inside of your house, then it is advisable to do that with the help of an electric pressure washer.


In contrast to what most of the world believes about the harm pressure washing can do to an individual, pressure washing still stands as one of the most effective and appropriate methods of cleaning when certain safety precautions are taken.